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Water Damage Restoration: Flood & Water Damage Repair & Cleanup in Lafayette, LA

Home and business owners understand that they must act quickly to bring in water damage repair experts as soon as flooding begins. The longer water remains on your property, the more serious the damage becomes. Properties in the Lafayette area are vulnerable to water damage on multiple fronts. Clean water from a leaky freshwater pipe can devastate a hardwood floor just as extensively as muddy floodwater from outdoors. Our team here at Enviro-Clean Services, Inc. (ECS) is trusted by Lafayette to handle whatever type of flood damage you experience.

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Water Damage Is a Major Health Issue for Lafayette

A prompt response is important when your Lafayette home or business needs water damage restoration services. Hazardous forms of mold can grow in under 24 hours, including varieties like black mold that can cause rashes, irritation and respiratory issues. ECS offers Lafayette full-service flood damage restoration, which includes identifying and removing dangerous mold caused by water damage.

Water Damage Restoration Services for Lafayette Properties

When floodwater hits a building, it tends to collect in the lower levels. Many homes and businesses keep their heating and electrical components in their basements, putting them at much higher risk for structural decay and mold formation in drywall. Basement flooding can also cause power outages and gas leaks. If important files or documents are kept in the lower levels of a structure, they can be damaged or destroyed. Our water damage repair crew will fully restore your Lafayette property.

Protecting Lafayette Through Flood Damage Restoration

Lafayette residents know that there’s no time to waste when flooding damages a structure. When dealing with flood damage cleanup, the first priority is draining the building of all standing water immediately. After the flooding is drained, mold remediation and removal are conducted. ECS in Lafayette is a highly trusted water damage restoration company, proud to serve our community and keep properties safe. ECS doesn’t just restore property, we restore lives.

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Does your Lafayette residence or commercial property require cleaning or restoration services? Call Enviro-Clean Services, Inc. (ECS) today, and you can expect an appointment scheduled within the hour. If it's urgent, our emergency team will be on site within 24 hours, and provide you with progress updates by 5 p.m. everyday. As members of North America's largest organization of restoration contractors, DKI, our work reflects that status. A 12-month contract is guaranteed; if you find anything amiss or faulty with the work done on your Lafayette home or commercial property, we will come back and fix it!