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Smoke Damage Restoration, Cleanup & Repair in Lafayette, LA

Lafayette residents understand that an out-of-control fire can cause a great deal of damage, but hardly any attention is paid to the harmful effects of smoke damage. Even a small fire that causes minimal damage to the structure of your home or business could cause significant damage elsewhere. Carpets, drapes and drywall could smell like smoke for months even after the fire has been extinguished. For this important issue, Lafayette puts its trust in our smoke damage cleanup experts.

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Smoke Damage Cleanup Crew Serving Lafayette

The first step in smoke damage repair is to assess the damage to your property. Our Lafayette teams use state-of-the-art technology to identify damaged areas, and conduct smoke detection to ensure all remaining smoke is removed. Our smoke restoration team operates with careful attention to detail and won’t overlook a single part of your property. Call our team today for quality, expedient smoke damage cleanup.

Health and Safety Concerns Are a Priority for Lafayette

If any part of your Lafayette home or business is deemed unsafe by our team, it will be cleaned or replaced to restore proper safety conditions. Soot and smoke damage have been linked to health concerns such as eye irritation, rash and skin irritation and respiratory problems. Our smoke damage repair team in Lafayette uses state-of-the-art fog detection and deodorizing equipment to restore your property to its pre-fire status.

Restore Your Lafayette Home to Pre-Loss Condition

Fire can damage and devalue your Lafayette property. Smoke restoration is about more than just repairing and rebuilding damaged infrastructure, it’s also about making your home or business habitable again. Your carpet, drapes and hardwood floors may need to be replaced, but if not, our smoke damage cleanup team here in Lafayette will ensure that they are purged of any smoke stains or odors.

Call Our Enviro-Clean Services, Inc. (ECS) Today!

Does your Lafayette residence or commercial property require cleaning or restoration services? Call Enviro-Clean Services, Inc. (ECS) today, and you can expect an appointment scheduled within the hour. If it's urgent, our emergency team will be on site within 24 hours, and provide you with progress updates by 5 p.m. everyday. As members of North America's largest organization of restoration contractors, DKI, our work reflects that status. A 12-month contract is guaranteed; if you find anything amiss or faulty with the work done on your Lafayette home or commercial property, we will come back and fix it!