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Water Damage Restoration, Repair & Cleanup in New Orleans, LA

If your New Orleans property is afflicted by flooding or faulty plumbing, you need more than just water cleanup services. You also need to be sure that you won’t need water damage repair or restoration in the future. Finding a water damage cleanup service provider with the right tools and experience for the job is your best option. Enviro-Clean Services, Inc. (ECS) cares about restoring lives in New Orleans, and that’s why we’ll work so hard to restore your home.

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Your New Orleans Property Needs Water Damage Repair Fast

You need to react quickly if your New Orleans property suffers a sudden flood or plumbing mishap. Water damage can be significant in New Orleans, and water damage cleanup is not something you can afford to delay. At ECS, we return your call to set an appointment within 15 minutes of hearing from you. If your situation is urgent, we can arrange to be at your New Orleans residential or commercial property within 24 hours.

Give Your New Orleans Property the Best Water Damage Restoration Available

Our many years of experience, qualified training and access to top-notch equipment put our services a cut above the rest. Not only will we provide you with the prompt and efficient water damage cleanup that you need for your New Orleans property, but we can also assess the extent of the damage and tailor our approach to best suit your individual needs. This will help avoid potential warping, musty odors, splitting, discoloration, delamination and mold growth, and lessens the chances of future water damage restoration services becoming necessary.

Your New Orleans Property Is Guaranteed for Water Damage Repair

Even after finding a high-quality, highly experienced and well-equipped provider for water damage restoration service like ECS, you might still have some worries. As a responsible New Orleans property owner, you want the peace of mind that your property won’t need further repairs or cleanup from water damage in the future. We understand this concern, which is why we offer a 12-month contract guarantee, to give your property a warranty for any water cleanup or repair for the next year after we provide service.

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Does your New Orleans residence or commercial property require cleaning or restoration services? Call Enviro-Clean Services, Inc. (ECS) today, and you can expect an appointment scheduled within the hour. If it's urgent, our emergency team will be on site within 24 hours and provide you with progress updates by 5 p.m. every day. As members of North America's largest organization of restoration contractors, DKI, our work reflects that status. A 12-month contract is guaranteed; if you find anything amiss or faulty with the work done on your New Orleans home or commercial property, we will come back and fix it!