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Why Choose Our Restoration Company?

Enviro-Clean Services, Inc. is a locally owned and operated restoration company in Houma, Louisiana. Our company started in 2002, specializing in residential and commercial mold inspection, abatement and remediation. We have since evolved into a multi-tiered, 24/7 emergency response and restoration service, capable of handling all aspects of mold, water, and fire damage restoration and cleanup—including content processing, deodorization and storage. Enviro-Clean Services also performs HVAC and air duct cleaning and is licensed and equipped to take on interior and exterior reconstruction projects.

Why We Care

As an ever-growing and evolving company, our local roots and ties to family, friends, and other small businesses have kept us humble and civically minded. We are always seeking to help others and to enrich our community through our work and in our personal lives. Our livelihood depends upon helping others, and even though we are a for-profit business, we volunteer to put our lives on hold in the event of an emergency call, at any time or day. We know that without compassion for our customers and neighbors, our business would surely fail, and we pride ourselves on being the most professional, service-driven technicians in the entire Gulf Coast region. More importantly, we are committed to being a calming, human, and understanding presence to our customers during their most difficult times. That is why we are always open.

So what makes us different from all the other companies in the restoration industry?

Is it our equipment and facilities? Not quite. Is it our training programs and the highly-skilled staff we employ? Maybe. Is it the fact that we’re an independent, locally-owned company whose success is based solely on its own merit, without the help of a national network or corporate franchise? Perhaps, but that is still not the main quality that makes us unique. Our business was born with a servant’s heart and a burning desire to help those in need, in any and all capacities. We strive to be an example of a true servant leader in our community, both on and off the clock. To earn a living administering help and hope to those who need it most is why we embrace and accept the challenges our work involves, and it’s also why we feel the need to give back to the community that sustains us. Enviro-Clean Services proudly supports many local charity organizations through its volunteer work and charitable contributions, as well as supporting missions in Africa and South and Central America, administered by Living Word Church in Houma, LA. We do this in part to help spread the influence of these powerful Christian values of service and compassion throughout our community and the world so that others might share in this burning desire and experience the joy that comes from knowing you’ve improved someone’s life. As our company continues to grow, we look forward to expanding the spread of these values throughout the entire Gulf Coast, among multiple offices and branches, and offering even more valuable community services here to the families who need them, completely free of charge.

We accept this profession, knowing that perfection is never a constant, but our goal is to make our customers happy, one way or another. Unlike other restoration chains whose vendor agreements provide them with an endless amount of work regardless of their past performance, we are proud of each and every opportunity we earn to help someone because customer satisfaction is our greatest reward and the best form of advertising. We are the ones who will still be in touch with you when the floodwaters recede, and the other contractors have gone home. We are the ones who put quality, service, and customer satisfaction above all other concerns, in the office and on the job. We are the ones who are fully aware that the spirit of our work is at the heart of humanity, and we intend to keep it there.

It is true that by allowing us to serve you in your time of need, your business empowers us to help others on a much larger scale, and we are honored to pay your kindness forward in this way. I hope that the level of professionalism, compassion, and the quality of work you’ll receive will give you an intimate perspective on the values and beliefs I have sought to instill in this company. They are the best reasons I can give you to choose Enviro-Clean Services for all your restoration needs.

Marty Boquet

Enviro-Clean Services, Inc.

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